There Will Be No Charging Port in Apple iPhone 2022, Says Apple

Apple is saying goodbye to the charging port in Apple iPhone 2022 as they plan to switch to a wireless charging feature for the Apple users in 2021.

Word is out that the innovators at Apple are planning a radical new change in the new iPhone 2012. News is that they are planning to make the phone completely wireless.

What would that entail?

The main change would be that there would be no charging port in the new iPhone. The phone will be charged via wireless technology. The thing behind this plan is worth noticing is that if you buy an iPhone in 2022, you will have to pay $89 more to get a charger for it.

How would that impact Apple iPhone users?

If implemented, the change will take years of iPhone gadgets obsolete. Users will be unable to use them. The innovation will also make iPhone users reliant on Bluetooth, which is not everyone’s choice. As researchers are already diving into the research of Airpods causing Cancer and now people will be reluctant to see their future with iPhone if they shift to radiation-charging things.

What does Apple have to say about this?

According to an Apple spokesperson, the wireless product without the charging port will be available in their most high-end model. Meaning, if you want to get an iPhone with better configuration then you will have to switch to wireless charging even if you don’t want to.

Apple has said that it intends ‘to cancel the charging port to provide the completely wireless experience’ to its loyal customers.

Let’s wait and watch and see what the future holds for all iPhone users in 2022.

Do you really think the removal of the charging port in Apple iPhone 2022 is enough to keep Apple devices from exploding? Let us know in the comment box below.


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