8 Best iOS 14 Features Make It A Best OS Apple Ever Had

iOS 14 features are worth noticing, announced in the WWDC 2020, it is one of the best, more customizable and flexible OS iPhone users could ever get.

These are the 8 best iOS 14 features among others we could fetch.

1. You can have a highly managed home screen with more with Apple’s iOS 14 App Library

ios 14 library

It is a newly introduced page present on the home screen which can automatically organize every application within a single view.

2. You can resize, pin, and stack widgets in iOS 14.

ios 14 widgets

You can now easily pin and resize the widgets on your home screen as you may like.

3. The users can also set up an application as their default web browser and email.

This explains that you can make the Gmail application as your default emailing service of Firefox to be your default web browser.

4. You have the pictures-in-pictures video on your iPhone’s home screen.

picture in picture ios 14

Similar to macOS and iPadOS, iOs also allows its users to have pictures-in-pictures video present on their iPhone’s home screen. Allowing you to watch the video and interacting at the same time with the rest aspects on your iPhone.

5. You can also pin your conversations created from iOS messages.

Similar to the messages of Whatsapp and Slack, iOS 14 also enables its users to pin up their conversations on the top.

6. Siri maintains an overhauled interface from iOS 14.

Siri in ios 14

Presently, if you opt for Siri, the whole screen becomes black and hides the rest. On activation of Siri in iOS 14, you can observe a small icon on the screen’s bottom side, in the end decreasing the restrictions.

7. The Digital Car Key.

apple car key

You may now lock nad unlock and even start you vehicle with the help of your Apple Watch or iPhone instead of the involvement of any key. It emphasizes on NFC and enables you to share keys with your family and friends.

8. With the help of the Translate application, Siri can now translate the dictation and text.

ios 14 translation

Another amazing feature of it is its new application that allows you to translate.


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