Delete These 9 Android Apps Before They Hack Your Phone!

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9 android apps listed on official Google Play Store have been putting millions of devices of on the verge of getting hacked. These apps have been downloaded about 470,000 times.

Cyber security company Trend Micro has unveiled in the latest research report that these 9 android apps are getting access to user’s Google and Facebook accounts and is able to alter the credentials.

Trend Micro reported in the research that these apps are a malware specialized for Android users and these malware apps are actively listed on Google Play Store.

This malware is hidden in the apps such as Super Clean or Speed Clean. In easy words, these apps act as a tool but indirectly gathering all your credentials to use or sell it further.

Here is the list of 9 Android Apps stealing your data

  1. H5 gamebox
  2. LinkWorldVPN
  3. Speed Clean-Phone Booster,Junk Cleaner&App Manager
  4. Rocket Cleaner Lite
  5. Rocket Cleaner
  6. Quick Games-H5 Game Center
  7. Super Clean-Phone Booster,Junk Cleaner&CPU Cooler
  8. Super Clean Lite- Booster, Clean&CPU Cooler
  9. Shoot Clean-Junk Cleaner,Phone Booster,CPU Cooler

Instead of working as a tool, these apps download 3000 different versions of malware into your phone, which eventually attack your Facebook and Google account to conduct false advertising process.

These apps shows interstitial ads that comes from FAN (Facebook Audience Network) and Google Ads to gain clicks even if you’re not using application.

These apps are being downloaded by many people all around the world as most of the apps were not blocked by the security of Google Play Store.

These fake apps can also post fake ratings and comments to play store so they can attract others to download the apps.

Thankfully, these apps have been removed from the Google Play store but the people who still have these apps will continue to face the danger as long as they completely flash their android smartphones.

Most affected countries are;

  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • United States
  • Thailand
  • India


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