Google Photos Alternatives 2023 – Best Free Alternatives (Android / iOS)

Google Photos Alternatives 2023: Since Google has announced that Google Photos will be ditching the unlimited storage feature, people have been searching for alternatives to unlimited photo storage.

We at Digital Phablet have searched for secure and reliable services that you will be able to download on both Android and iOS smartphones.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the list!

AT&T Photo Storage

ATT Photo Storage

Service provided by AT&T is one of the best possible solutions once you get rid of Google Photos. They provide free unlimited storage (only for uploading photos at normal quality) just like Photos by Google.



UnLim is also a great service if you’re looking for unlimited cloud storage to store all of your photos, good thing is, they don’t force you to purchase anything to store it, just download their app and jump in. This app is currently available on Android only, UnLim is planning to release their app for iOS as well.


Forever photo storage

Forever is another great app for you to store your photos “permanently”, in fact, you can even print your photos on your shirts, mugs, and almost everywhere with their customized service.

Ice Drive

Ice Drive app

Ice Drive is not completely free, but if you don’t take lots of photos, this service would be perfect for you as they give 10GB free storage, and in 10GB you can store a huge number of photos.

Sprint Complete Storage

Sprint Complete Storage

This service is provided by one of the best cellular companies out there, Sprint. They allow you to manage your photos and similar to AT&T they’re also offering free unlimited photo storage.

Clay – Photo storage & Cloud Backup

Clay Photo storage Cloud Backup

Yet underrated but great service, Clay gives unlimited storage for your photos and videos. But the only thing that stands out is that Clay gives unlimited storage of photos at original resolutions.


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