8 Best Android PDF Reader Apps To Use in 2023

Some PDF applications are already available on PlayStore but they only support editing and reading of office documents by not focusing on the quality of e-books. We have collected 10 best android PDF reader applications for you to have good quality PDF reader options.

1. Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader

It is one of the most preferred and common applications for PDF reading purposes. Adobe Acrobat can open all the PDF files from Google Drive, SD Card and Android Phone storages. It provides facilitation of bringing all the files below the local tab and also supports signatures via the e-signing system.

2. Xodo PDF Editor and Reader

Xodo Android PDF reader serves for any document or webpage. Here users can also establish new PDF files and save them in a new folder. It also consists of options like bookmarks, screens sleep mode and conversion of JPG, GIF, TIFF documents, etc.

3. Google PDF Reader

It is a portable format reader for android documents. Google PDF Reader is also known to be the official Android PDF Reader powered by Google. It is of only a few MBs serving only important features. You can also zoom in/out your documents and select or copy the required text.

4. Foxit PDF Reader and Converter

Foxit runs fast on comparing with the rest mentioned. With the help of its files can be directly shared at all the file supportive social platforms.

5. EBook-Droid Android PDF Reader

It is a famous PDF reading application which is also known as the EBook reader. It occurs supportive for XPS, RTF, MOBI, and many more formats too. It includes manually cropping and free-hand annotations.

6. WPS Office

This application allows cropping, adding bookmarks and saving of documents on cloud storage. Documents such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint can be easily converted into PDF with its help. It can also scan hardcopy documents with a simple camera mobile.

7. PDF Viewer (PDF and EBook Reader)

This reading app is very convenient to use with a clean, user-interface. It supports search and page splitting and can also be used as an ebook reader.

8. DocuSign Reader

DocuSign is considered to be ideal for businesses. It helps in opening and filling documents, signing them and then sharing out. Apart from it, we can also use its subscriptions to achieve its advanced level.


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