Screens Of Galaxy Fold Is Breaking Up After Launch

galaxy fold broken screen 2

Flickers and crackling screen! That’s like one of the worst experience a person can face when investing their budgets on a $2,000 smartphone.

Yes, the South Korean Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has received a few reports and complaints regarding damaged display units of the upcoming Galaxy fold smartphone.

galaxy fold broken screen 2

Here’s a complete video highlighting the whole issue in depth:

The problem looks like it is related to the unit’s screen protective cover which when removed results in damaging the screen. The problem was highlighted by different journalists actively working at Bloomberg, The Verge and CNBC.

galaxy fold broken screen
Trusted Reviews

They were specifically chosen to review the phone this week.

galaxy fold broken screen 3

After learning this particular issue, the company realized that it is time to shut down the pre-orders. Until it does not fix the malfunction permanently, it will not schedule any further releases for the time. 

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