Ps5 Pre Order Price Is A Whooping $1,047

PS5 Pre-Order Price Is A Whooping $1,047 (£859.73)

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Playstation players are collecting every single dollar to get Sony PS5 five. The most awaited PS5 pre-order price is $1,1047 (£859.73) at MediaMarkt Sweden. Which is insanely high price comparing to other Playstation and console releases.

Previously Hideki Yasuda predicted that PS5 will be launching on November 2020 with the price tag of $499. But, if the cost $1,1047 (£859.73) stays still, it will be a set back for all the sony fans to get new console as they would want to stay with the one they have.

Sony did the same with Playstation 3 as they released it for a higher price tag of $599 which became the cause of low sales as many sony enthusiasts bought Xbox Two which was apparently more affordable and provided better performance in almost half the price comparing it with Playstation 3.

By launching PS5 at a higher price, the history is repeating itself, as Xbox Two will be launching their product at a nominal price to dominate the market.

There is a little hope as MediaMarkt Sweden stated that they will be changing the price after the release. But what is the point of taking over $1,000 dollars in advance? It shows that they have an idea about the release price of Playstation 5.

Ps5 Pre Order Price Sweden
MediaMarkt Sweden

Even if PS5 releases at $999, then why would Media Markt charge extra? above all, how will they refund? because pre-order can never be confirmed without you charge your card, so this shows that Media Markt is very sure about the price tag.

The price tag of over $1,000 is very high considering the average selling price of the gaming market which is $400 to $600 in the United States. Sony should reassess the selling price before the launch of PS5 will see the same fate as PS3.

Microsoft’s Scarlett would be releasing at a price tag of $400 to $480, which is yet another affordable price tag from Xbox.

PS5 is loaded with a 7nm AMD Ryzen CPU, Radeon GPU, SSD Storage, RAM as well as custom 3D audio processing.

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