All Good Leaders Should Have These Top 15 Leadership Qualities

There are many ways to define the qualities that entail what leadership is, but Kenneth H. Blanchard puts it eloquently as “The key to successful leadership is influence, not authority.”

A good leader can change looming failure into success. They transform ideas into realities and have impeccable foresight.

In our article, we will be going over the attributes of great leaders that set them apart from other people.

Good Leaders Have These 15 Leadership Qualities

Do you wish to be a good leader? Here is a list of 15 qualities to adopt that can turn you into a good leader.

1. Honesty and Integrity

Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “The supreme quality for leadership is integrity.” At the core of all success lies integrity. An honest leader inspires his followers to carry out all of their tasks with integrity. Great leaders have been known to uphold honesty and integrity at the top of all other values.

2. Confidence

Nothing influences followers like a confident leader who knows what he is talking about. More than that, a confident leader that drives his followers to the right path gains utmost respect from his subordinates.

There is a pretty fine line between being confident and boosting over-confidence, but a good leader masters this quality repeatedly to ensure he is trusted among his admirers.

3. Inspire Others

As charismatic it is to gain a decent following, it is equally delicate to lose your admirers. A well-balanced personality of a good leader inspires masses to follow them blindly.

They put trust in the character and integrity of their leader and constantly gauge them over the positive and uplifting ways in which the leader tackles critical situations. In the words of Creed McGregor, “Successful men and women have used positive thinking to inspire thousands.”

4. Commitment and Passion

The two driving factors for every leader are committed to their cause and a passion for seeing it come through. A good leader gives their best, day in and day out, with the utmost dedication that inspires many followers.

Not only that, it sends sparks of energy into the subordinates to carry out their tasks effectively. With their own passionate will, great leaders bring revolutions that seem impossible for ordinary people to accomplish.

5. Good Communicator

Good communications skills are an asset to a good leader, whether it is a crowd or a team. It becomes hard to succeed if a person can not clearly state the desired goals or game plan. Words work like wonder to motivate the followers and help significantly to achieve the desired outcomes.

6. Decision-Making Capabilities

Great leaders drive masses towards revolution by their exemplary decision-making skills. Every great leader in history possessed this particular quality. Well-timed decision-making has a powerful impact on people and gives them a positive incentive to follow you.

This is why it is a core value even in the military, where all crucial decisions require the leaders to stand by their quick, decisive powers. Although leaders tend to drive a cause on their terms, it is equally essential for them to consult their team before implementing them.

7. Accountability

Wes Fessler said, “Good men are bound by conscience and liberated by accountability.” A good leader is always open to being subjected to accountability and demands that all of his team members or subordinates do so. Accountability is an essential quality for successful leadership, whether in an office or out in the field.  

8. Delegation and Empowerment

Leadership is not a one-man-show. It takes dedicated team years of hard work to achieve the set goals. What sets them apart is having a leader that delegates tasks according to the strength and weaknesses of every member of their team.

Every member must be empowered by their leaders in the right way according to their abilities and be pushed to do better than they think.

9. Creativity and Innovation

Steve Jobs is regarded as one of the greatest visionaries of the century. In his words, “Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity – not a threat.” Theodore Levitt defined creativity as thinking up new things while innovation is doing new things.

A good leader encourages creativity and innovation. He also understands the need to work for the present while preparing for the future, as only the nations that invest in the future stand apart in today’s world. As Anna Eshoo says, “Innovation is the calling card of the future.”

10. Empathy

Few things resonate more with a leader’s followers than empathy. It is a robust quality to master. Every great leader that left a lasting mark in history possessed this virtue.

It is every bit part of basic humanity and a vital attribute of a commander to relate to their team’s state of being. Subordinates that are cared for by the leaders perform better and deliver outstanding results in the longer run.

11. Resilience

The ability to deal with a day that is not in your favor determines what bonuses the subsequent day that is in your turn will bring for you. That is the quality of a distinguished leader. To be able to visualize the ups and downs and be ready to face hardship with grace.

A leader’s mood in distressing times determines the standing of his followers. Therefore, it is pertinent for them to lead by example and stand their ground until it’s time to celebrate success.

12. Emotional Intelligence

A good leader can not be sans emotional intelligence. If they have to connect personally and more effectively with the masses, the ability to bond on an emotional level is essential.

It speaks to the people and influences them to the point where they follow their leader’s call to end limits. It is also crucial for the leader to propagate social awareness and handle conflict resolutions diplomatically instead of heightening tensions.

13. Humility

C. S. Lewis put it down beautifully when he said, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” A great leader possesses the ability to stay selfless when in a position of power.

If you are to be an influencing leader, you need to exercise humility. This will bring you loyal followers who will move the world for you at a single call. It will also make your teamwork diligently and honestly for your causes and the betterment of the people you represent.

14. Transparency

Every great thing falls when it is subjected to any form of corruption. To build a strong community as a leader, you need to encourage transparency in all kinds of dealings. A good leader is open and visible to the followers and this, in turn, makes them support them with all their hearts.

15. Vision and Purpose

To achieve the goals, a good leader presents a clear set and vision and guides his followers with a purpose to achieve success in their cause. With a big picture in play, followers are clear about the destination and believe in their leader passionately. Ron Kaufman said, “Vision with action makes a powerful reality,” and that powerful reality makes a good leader great.

To be a great visionary leader takes years of honing these remarkable qualities and being patient all the time. There is no shortcut for achieving greatness and requires dedication, willpower, and a futuristic approach for the present to be able to inspire people into following you.

What do you think of this article? Is there any quality in your opinion that stands out among these particularly? Comment below.


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