Prices for Slack Pro subscriptions will increase

As part of its efforts to invest more in innovation, Slack announced on Monday that it would increase prices for its platform, the first price increase since the company launched its platform in 2014.

According to Slack, the price change will take effect on Sept. 1 for users of the Pro subscription.

According to the company, monthly Pro subscriptions will rise to $8.75 per month from $8, and annual Pro subscriptions will increase to $7.25 per month from $6.67.

Users can also cast audio, video, and screen-share messages in direct messages and channels through Slack, which allows individuals to create on-the-fly group conversations.

Many companies use Slack, an online workplace messaging tool owned by Salesforce.

Why is Slack raising for Pro Subscribers?

According to the official statement by Slack, the platform is raising prices to invest in the platform’s innovation.


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