Notre Dame Can Be Rebuilt Again – Here Is How!

Notre Dame is one of the famous cathedral located in the mid of Paris, France where a deadly fire broke down completely destroying the historical heritage.

If we look at the history, Notre Dame has always taught us how to survive.

Notre Dame was there for over 800 years.

notre damn 1800 view
Universal History Archive / Getty Images

An accurate 856 years.

notre damn old picture
Print Collector / Getty Images

To take things into consideration it has seen hundreds of years of invasion, conflicts, plagues, leaders, and crusades.

french revolution
Universal History Archive / Getty Images

Notre Dame was defaced, looted and damaged during the French Revolution.

french revolution painting
Photo Josse / Getty Images

In the mid-1800, it underwent about 20 years of renovations, until it got back in its form.

old renovation notre dame
Science & Society Picture Librar / Getty Images

It survived World War 1.

notre dame during world war 1
AP Photo

It survived World War 2.

notre dame during world war 2
Photo 12 / Getty Images

Even after so many invasions, wars and even Hitler, it survived!

notre dame during hitlers era
Keystone-france / Getty Images

For over 850, Notre Dame was the symbol of French history, a symbol of Paris, even world history.

notre dame 2017
Alain Jocard / AFP / Getty Images

Then, a big fire broke out!

notre dame fire
Nurphoto / Getty Images

In few hours, part of it burnt to the ground.

notre dame fire 1
Philippe Lopez / AFP / Getty Images

But, we have to realize that it isn’t the first time such a thing happened to any historical place.

people watching notre dame fire
Thomas Samson / AFP / Getty Images

The Monte Cassino monastery was destroyed completely during world war 2, this is what It used to look like before the war.

The Monte Cassino monastery world war 2
Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

And this is the view of it after the war.

The Monte Cassino monastery after world war 2
Fpg / Getty Images

But then, it was rebuilt!

The Monte Cassino monastery rebuilt
Loop Images / Getty Images

The Dresden Frauenkirche in Germany was also destroyed completely during World War 2.

The Dresden Frauenkirche during world war
Picture Alliance / picture alliance via Getty Image

Then again, it was rebuilt with the old and new stones from the original.

The Dresden Frauenkirche rebuilt
Eye Ubiquitous / Getty Images

Even The White House in America was burnt down in 1812.

White House burnt down in 1812
Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

What happened with Notre Dame is just an unthinkable tredegy.

notre dame fire tower
Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt / AFP / Getty Images

But History is surely on our side.

paris view after notre dame burning
Kay-paris Fernandes / Getty Images

This obviously wasn’t the first and will not be the last time some like that happened.

Thoughts and prayers for this beautiful place, this will rebuild soon!


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