Israeli Official Moshe Feiglin Celebrates Beirut Blast, Calls it Gift From God

Moshe Feiglin, an Israeli official has been celebrating the heartwrenching event of Beirut that killed 140 people and injured over 4,000 people.

While the entire world, regardless of their religion or status, is praying for Beirut and the departed soul and helping the ones in need, a politician from Israel has been seen celebrating the sad incident on his social media.

Not just Muslims, Beirut blast also take lives of people from other religion as well that includes Christian and jews, who were there for work or to spent their vacations.

Moshe Feiglin who is an Israeli politician has posted this on his Facebook;

Moshe Feiglin beirut blast celebration facebook post

In this post, the Israeli politician calls the blast day, as the “Day of Joy” and further thanks god for organizing the “fantastic show” on the day of Tu B’Av holiday.

Israeli official beirut explosion celebrate

After his posts went viral, he started getting a huge backlash after his posts on Facebook and Twitter. Some jews also took to twitter and called him “A shame for Jews”

moshe shame jews

Beirut blasts resulted in leaving 300,000 people homeless which will take a great amount of time to settle back in their own city. Many fundraisers have been started by Artists and other organizations to help Lebanon rebuild Beirut.

The total confirmed death toll from Beirut blast has reached 113, as reported by CNN. About 4,000 have been injured and currently being treated in the hospitals, confirmed by the Health Minister of Lebanon.

The blast caused by the fire that caught a cargo ship that Port of Beirut officials had confiscated several years ago, said Lebanese Health Minister. Although it is still unclear what caused the fire at that ship.

It was one of the worst-hit blasts in Lebanon, having a history of explosions from 1975 till 1990’s civil war, periodic terrorist attacks as well as conflicts with Israel.


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