VPN Usage Increased By 90% In Pakistan After Imran Khan’s Arrest

Karachi (Pakistan) – According to reports, following the recent arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, VPN usage has increased to an unprecedented 90% in Pakistan, setting a record for the country.

Following widespread protests nationwide following Khan’s arrest by paramilitary forces on numerous corruption-related charges, the government responded by blocking social media sites like Facebook and Instagram and partially shutting down the internet.

People are looking for ways to get around the government’s restrictions and access information online due to the Shehbaz-led government’s decision to restrict access to communication channels, resulting in a massive increase in VPN usage. Because the government has a history of cracking down on VPN users, the rise in VPN usage has sparked worries about user safety and security.

Internet users worldwide use VPNs as a standard tool because they enable access to websites and services restricted in their home country or region. They achieve this by sending the user’s internet traffic through a server located in another nation, giving the impression that the user is doing so from within that nation.

People in Pakistan have used VPNs to access blocked websites and social media platforms and safeguard their online security and privacy. There are worries that the recent surge in usage may result in further VPN restrictions because the government has previously cracked down on VPN use.

Although VPNs are permitted in Pakistan, the government has taken steps to block VPN providers’ websites and shut down their services in the past. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) warned VPN providers in 2020 that failing to register with the organization could result in legal action.

Given that the government has a history of monitoring and surveilling online activity, the recent surge in VPN usage has raised questions about the safety and security of users. Users’ privacy and security can be protected online with VPNs. Still, it’s crucial to pick a reputable and trustworthy VPN provider because some of them might log user activity or jeopardize user security.

The recent increase in VPN usage in Pakistan serves as a final reminder of the value of internet freedom and the necessity of having access to uncensored information. While VPNs can be a helpful tool for unblocking content and securing online privacy, users must pick a trustworthy and dependable VPN provider. The government must uphold the freedom of its people to communicate and access information without hindrance or intrusive monitoring.


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