Huawei Ark Compiler Open Source official website officially launched, announced these 45 partners

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On the last day of August, Huawei Ark compiler open-source official website officially launched. For the first time, the framework source code was opened to the public and provided information such as environment configuration, developer guide, and demo download.

This open-source is part of the source code of the compiler framework, including compiler intermediate representation (IR) and language compilation implementation, and with other compiler binary components, to achieve the compilation process of Java programs to aarch64 assembly instructions. Developers can build a compiler toolchain based on open source code + binary, and try to compile Java programs.

According to the timetable announced by Huawei, the open-source compiler front-end and back-end will be supported; support for Java program compilation, a compilation of JavaScript language applications, and so on. The current official website is only the website during the incubation of the Ark compiler. “The official website after graduation is pending.”

Ark Compiler Frame
Ark compiled organ network

The Ark compiler is open-source to developers around the world, so the official website and hosting platform are also open to global developers. The English website is already under development and beta and is scheduled to go live in the fourth quarter of 2019.

It is necessary to review the concept of a boat compiler. As the name suggests, the compiler is equivalent to a translator, which translates the high-level language used by the programmer into a machine-readable code. At present, the application running of the Android system mainly adopts the mode of “translation” while executing, which consumes some resources and affects Operating efficiency, and Huawei’s Ark compiler optimizes this process, completing all code compilation in the development environment, so the application does not need to be compiled at runtime to directly send the operation instructions to the processor for execution, bringing the user The intuitive feeling is that the system is more streamlined and the application runs faster.

According to the test data of Huawei Labs, EMUI 9.1 only uses the Huawei Ark compiler when the system component System Server is applied. The system operation smoothness is improved by 24%, and the system response performance is improved by 44%.

It can be said that as an ordinary user, although we do not directly contact the Ark compiler, it is a direct beneficiary of this technology.

The Android version of Alipay has been greatly improved since the update speed and response speed. It was guessed by the netizens that the Ark compiler was used, although the official clarification was to improve the experience through the original container biochemistry and virtual machine tuning. However, among the partners listed in the Ark Compiled Organs Network, Alipay is in the list, in addition to Sina Weibo, Taobao, Vibrato, QQ, and other commonly used applications.

Huawei Ark Compiler Partners

The Ark compiler needs to play a practical role. It is the support of various application developers. If these big companies do develop a corresponding version based on the Ark, they will be able to drive more applications to “on board,” and consumers will really enjoy it. The benefits of the Ark compiler.

If the Ark compiler achieves good results, it is also expected to drive the sales of Huawei mobile phones. At present, a number of Huawei and glory models support the Ark compiler. Of course, the success of the Ark compiler will undoubtedly lay a solid foundation for Hongmeng OS.


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