Google Bans The Revolution of Our Times Game About Hong Kong Protests

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Many tech companies are getting involved in the Hong Kong protests and it is getting even more complicated.

Google has announced that they have banned a game about the Hong Kong protests and joined by Blizzard and Apple in banning everything that can malign the Chinese government.

The Revolution of Our Times is a game based on documenting the life of a resident in Hong Kong as they are becoming more indulge in the events that lead to protests as you can see today.

This game also has microtransactions from $0.99 to $1.99. As per The Wall Street Journal, this game was removed for violation of Google’s policies about the Hong Kong protests.

After apple removed from it’s App Store, which was a crowdsourced map app to track police movements. They also removed the Quartz app in China, an app used to see the coverage of Hong Kong protests. Above all, they also banned Heartstone esports pro after the community showed empathy with Hong Kong protestors.


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