Facebook App Is Using Camera Of Your iPhone 24/7

User Joshua Maddux has discovered a very annoying bug for Facebook and Apple. The social network application constantly activates the camera of the iPhone, a real problem for the privacy of users.

Facebook and iOS

It’s on his Twitter account that Joshua announced he discovered a bug that affects only the iPhone under version 13.2.2 of iOS. This allows the application to keep the user’s camera and microphone permanently active, which can be a problem for the smartphone’s battery and another for the user’s privacy.

The worst thing is that the activation of the sensor and the microphone are done even though it is considered unnecessary. No notification indicates the activation of the camera, the only thing that can be seen is the view of the camera in the background.

Joshua Maddux explains that he has been able to reproduce this bug several times on 5 different iPhone all running on version 13.2.2. Earlier versions of iOS would not be affected by this bug. As for Android, even in its latest version (10), it is not possible to reproduce this problem.


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