Disney+, a very attractive price to better compete with Netflix

If we do not yet have a date on the release of the Disney+ streaming service in France, the latter is specific to the US where he arrives on November 12.

Beyond the many contents of the Disney catalogs and 20th Century Fox (more than 500 films and 7500 episodes of series from the opening), Disney+ will directly tackle Netflix with a very attractive price of $6.99 per month! For this price, you will be entitled to HD content, some even in 4K, 7 different profiles and 4 simultaneous views on a single account.

The service will be available on Apple products (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV), Google (Android smartphones, Android TV, Chromecast and “Chromecast built-in” devices), Roku, Sony PlayStation 4 and Android TV, as well as Xbox One.

For Europe, it will, unfortunately, be a little patient, because the service is not expected before the first quarter of 2020 and will certainly be limited (especially for feature films) because of our famous “Chronology Medias “Netflix has already encountered on arrival. Note that in the US, Disney will even offer a $13 offer with Disney + ESPN + and Hulu, will we also be entitled to this type of bundle?

Disney+ Release Date

Disney+ is releasing on 12th November 2019 starting from the United States.

Disney+ Subscription Price

It will cost you $7 a month, which is cheaper than Netflix.

Disney+ in Singapore and Malaysia

It will be launched in Singapore, Malaysia, India and other regions of Asia at the start of 2020 possibly in the mid-January.


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