Is Best Jeanist Dead ? – All You Need To Know About

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Tsunagu Hakamada also known as Beat Jeanist is a powerful hero in My Hero Academia, but is he really dead? Did he survive? We will find it out in this article.

He started behind Hawks, Endeavor and All Might at Rank Four, he is now currently standing at Rank Three Pro-Hero.

What happened to best jeanist?

Gang Orca, Mt. Lady, and Best Jeanist manage to stop the Nomu, and they encountered an undefeated adversary right after that. All for One himself. He employs Fiber Quirk and used against the villain, which would have worked for others, but he failed here.

All For One claims that he is no longer interested in stealing his Quirk because of the complexity of usage but leaves Pro-Hero severely wounded before he was distracted by All Might. Best Jeanist survived, but he only reappears in the manga.

Best Jeanist Death

blue jeanist death scene

Social media has been exploading with the questions such as “did best jeanist die?” so we decided to answer it.

After confirmation from the My Hero Academia, they have finally answered the question. They said Jeanist was retired at No. 3 Pro-Hero because of extreme injuries he had suffered during the battle with All For One in the Kamino Battle.

Is he alive?

Yes he is, but people will never see it anymore as he is retired due to injuries.

The Pro-Hero fans are eagerly waiting for his return but his return is uncertain as the makers, My Hero Academia, haven’t added much to the report about the return of the hero any time soon.

Because of the severe injuries, his return is possible, but when, nobody knows, the fans have to wait for long to see their hero back in action again.

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