BBVA Spain Online Banking App Infects Millions of Devices With Malware, Delete The App Now

An Android banking app has more than a billion downloads, and according to a new report from Zimperium, all of these are vulnerable to trojans.

Based on an analysis of more than 600 financial apps and ten famous banking trojan families attacking those apps, the company found that the most targeted mobile banking application is “BBVA Spain | Online Banking,” which has more than 10 million downloads.

Six of the ten most prevalent trojans are targeted against this app.

Six of the ten most prevalent trojans are targeted against this app. The attack targets 121 financial apps with more than 280 million downloads in the United States. It was reported that 55 apps were targeted in the United Kingdom and 43 in Italy, respectively.

The report also found that crooks prefer more modern technological solutions to “traditional” banking apps. Thus, mobile payment apps, or those that utilize cryptocurrencies, are top-rated. This type of malware targets three mobile financial apps that manage alternative assets.

Out of the 600 applications analyzed, Teapot is the most active trojan, affecting 410 applications, while Octo, also known as ExobotCompact.D, is the oldest, discovered five years ago.

Out of the 600 banking trojans analyzed, Teapot is the most active, being used against 410 applications, while ExobotCompact.D, also known as Octo, is the oldest, having been discovered, said Nico Chiaraviglio, VP of Security Research at Zimperium. Over the past few years, we’ve seen ad hoc reports of banking trojans; anecdotally, we’ve noticed they’ve been increasing in scope and frequency.”

Using malware protection and a firewall to protect your digital devices solutions has never been this important.


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