15 Countries That Are Opening For Tourism After Coronavirus Lockdown

Majority of the countries have been emphasising on unnecessary international travelling. But there are some countries that are opening for tourism after coronavirus lockdown.

Yet, few nations preserving amazing destinations are planning to relax their COVID-19 lockdown and the border limitations i.e. following a move to welcome their tourists again. 

List of 15 Countries That Are Open For Tourists After Extensive Coronavirus Lockdown

1. Cyprus

Photo by LSD for Society

The officials at Cyprus have planned to offer the complete expense of the travelers if they appear virus positive at this Mediterranean Island territory, to encourage the continuation of their tourism. 

2. Bali, Indonesia

Photo by Harry Kessell

The Indonesians are welcoming their tourists from October and onwards, as they are preserving a lower rate of the infections within their area. 

3. Thailand

Photo by Robin Noguier

Museums, shopping places, markets, and other tourism sites are now opening their doors again including; the opening of the Grand Palace of Bangkok, from the 4th of June 2020. 

4. France

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX

Visitors who will be appearing in the country, excluding the EU or the UK nationals, would have to maintain a necessary self-quarantine for two weeks up till July 24th.

5. Greece

Photo by Puk Patrick

As stated by the Prime Minister, they would resume their tourism sector from 15th June when their hotels would be reopening. 

6. Germany

Photo by Roman Kraft

Germany would lift the lockdown from June 15th as well. 

7. Mexico

Photo by Jezael Melgoza

Within few weeks, Mexico would be resuming their tourism sector. 

8. Turkey

Photo by Anna

Turkey is planning to have tourists again from the mid of june. 

9. Italy

Photo by La So

No lockdown onwards July 8th and tourists will be visiting Italy.

10. Spain

Photo by Jezael Melgoza

Reopening soon. 

11. Maldives

Photo by Jennvmy

Superyachts and Private Jets would enter onwards 1st of June. 

12. St. Lucia

St Lucia
Photo by Nick Fewings

Reopening of phases would begin from June 4th.

13. Portugal

Photo by Andreas Brücker

The Internal Affairs Ministery are planning to starr easing their border restrictions. 

14. United Kingdom

United Kingdom
Photo by Ming Jun Tan

From 8th of June, every traveller would be required to maintain self-isolation for two weeks. 

15. United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates
Photo by Omar Bakri

The President of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, announced that they have allowed the decision of the UAE authorities of reopening the UAE airports. 


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