How to See Someone’s Location on iPhone

Learn how to track someone’s iPhone using these little-known tricks.

Since its inception in 1976, Apple has grown into one of the biggest tech firms on the planet. This company is now worth over $2 trillion and its value keeps on rising. In addition, Apple’s flagship smartphone popularly known as the iPhone is owned by more than 1.36 billion individuals worldwide.

Read on to learn how to look at someone’s location on iPhone.

Can You See Someone’s Location on Your iPhone?

We live in a digitally advanced world that provides plenty of phone tracking solutions. Today, you can utilize a variety of options to trace other people’s iPhones ─ some of which are easy to use while others are rather complex.

However, the best way to achieve fast and effective results is by using some specialized monitoring apps to track someone’s iPhone. These apps are designed with a wide array of spy features such as social media monitoring, call log tracking, keylogging and GPS location tracing, just to mention a few. Better yet, they work in stealth mode to avoid raising your target user’s suspicion.

Workable Methods to Find Someone’s iPhone Location

Tracking an iPhone’s live location isn’t as complicated as most people think. Using the right set of tools, you can conveniently monitor another person’s device with ease.

Check Location on iPhone With These Solutions

1. mSpy and Its GPS Tracker

mSpy is a remarkable spy app that is equipped with a plethora of monitoring features. Apart from being the perfect parental control app, mSpy helps business owners to keep tabs on their employees. In order to choose the perfect tool for yourself, you need to compare features like mSpy vs Umobix or Hoverwatch vs mSpy

This app comes with a built-in GPS location tracker that tracks other people’s iPhones discreetly. This feature allows you to see their exact location on an easy-to-read map.

You’re provided with accurate location info such as their precise coordinates, street name, date and time. mSpy also reveals your target’s route history throughout the day, helping you to identify where he/she travels frequently.

mSpy also comes with a geofencing tool that allows you to set “safe” and “dangerous” zones on a map. Once your target user enters a danger zone or leaves the safe zone, you’re immediately notified via email.

Follow these guidelines to install mSpy:

  • Visit https://www.mspy.com/ on your preferred browser
  • Create an account using your valid email address
  • Select your preferred subscription plan from the available list
  • Complete the payment process and follow the instructions sent to your email to install mSpy
  • Start monitoring your target’s iPhone remotely

2. Track Them by Their Phone Number

Another way for how to track someone’s iPhone is by using an online geolocation tool to trace their phone number. Detectico is a revered tracking tool that comes highly recommended in such cases.

Detectico allows you to track any phone number regardless of the target phone’s model, location or network carrier. Apart from revealing the location of any number, this solution also shows you who owns the number.

Interestingly, you don’t need to install Detectico on your phone to use this service ─ just follow these instructions:

  • Visit https://detectico.com/ 
  • Type the mobile number of the device you wish to track
  • Add a personalized message containing the tracking link and click “Detect”
  • Wait for the recipient to receive your message and click on the link
  • Start tracking their real-time location on a map

The beauty about using Detectico is its super precision and its ability to operate privately. 

3. Try the “Find My” Native iPhone App

Find My is Apple’s bespoke tracking app that comes pre-installed in all modern iOS devices. This app can be used to find someone’s iPhone location as long as their location sharing is activated.

How to get someone’s location using Find My:

  • Open Settings and select your Apple ID
  • Click “Find My iPhone” and turn on Share My Location
  • Enable the “Find My iPhone” option to start tracking the device in real time

Although this solution works well, you need to gain physical access to the target iPhone in order to turn on location sharing.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to find someone’s location on iPhone can really come in handy if you’re desperate to monitor your loved ones’ whereabouts throughout the day. After months of interacting with different iPhone tracking solutions, we would recommend mSpy and Detectico as the most effective tools for finding other people’s iPhone location.


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