How To Get Snapchat Plus (Android and iOS)

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With Snapchat Plus, Snap has officially entered the paid subscription game.

Following the announcement that Snapchat Plus was being tested with select users, Snap launched the new subscription service.

Snapchat Plus was confirmed immediately after app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi tweeted screenshots.

Snapchat Plus does not require a subscription, as Twitter Blue did before it. This is Snap’s way of offering premium features to Snapchat’s most avid users.

How To Get Snapchat Plus

Here is how you can get Snapchat Plus on your Android or iOS smartphone

1. Visit the Snapchat Plus webpage

Visit the webpage, and if you can’t get it right, simply visit the homepage first and then click Snapchat+ button.

2. Click on Get “Snapchat+”

After clicking it, it will confirm if you want to go ahead with the subscription.

3. Add card details

Make sure you have a valid card, loaded with enough funds to purchase the subscription.

4. Done

As soon as you complete the payment, you account will be updated on the new Plus subscription.

Estimated Cost: 4 USD


  • Smartphone


  • Activated Card

Materials: Snapchat


  • A friend can be pinned as a #1 BFF
  • You’ll get access to exclusive Snapchat icons
  • Make your profile stand out by displaying a badge
  • Get to know your BFF’s orbit
  • Find out where your friend has been in the past 24 hours
  • View the number of times your story has been rewatched by your friends

Snapchat Plus features the option of pinning your #1 BFF to anyone on your Friends list. In a similar way, this feature is similar to MySpace’s Top 8 Friends list, except it highlights one person rather than a group.

In the event that your friend in question shared their location with you in the first place, you will be able to track their whereabouts within the last 24 hours. Moreover, you can see how many times your story has been rewatched by your friends and your orbit with your BFF.

In the event that your friend in question shared their lA star badge will also appear on your profile if you subscribe to Snapchat Plus. It’s easier to get than Twitter’s verified checkmark. Snapchat Plus subscribers only see the star badge, not anything else

To give your profile a little more personality, Snapchat Plus will give you exclusive custom Snapchat icons. There are icons with plain backgrounds and others with flags and flowers of your country. A new neon Snapchat icon with a plus sign hovering over the ghost joins the classic Snapchat icon with the ghost sticking its tongue out.


A premium subscription plan comes with the privilege of no ads. Snap’s SVP of Product Jacob Andreou told The Verge that ads will remain the core of Snap’s business model in the long run.

A premium subscription plan comes with the privilege of no The ads that play between Stories will not be disabled if you are a Snapchat Plus subscriber. If and when Snapchat Plus subscription plans are introduced, it’s unclear whether they will include ad-free options.


1 Month$4
6 Months$26
12 Months$47

Where Snapchat Plus Is Available Right Now?

Users in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates can access Snapchat Plus. Other countries will be added to Snapchat Plus at a later date, Snap said.

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