5 Best Smart Home Manager Apps For Your Home 2023

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Managing your home smartly is no longer a dream or the future with these smart home manager apps!

The dream of living in a world where your everyday chores are controlled by a machine instead of spending hours laboring away on them is now a reality. Smart homes are no more an idea belonging to the future. Instead, it’s now a part of ordinary everyday citizens all around the globe.

The smart home manager apps now let you control basic tasks like toasting your bread or setting the thermostat to the correct temperature. Even if you are not at home, all you need is your phone and an active internet connection.

These Are The Best Smart Home Manager Apps

Take your home to the next level with our guide that lists the best available apps from both the Apple and the Android stores. With your home management in your hands (literally), taking care of your abode is another way of having creative fun. Let’s get started.

1. Apple Home app

Apple Home app

Apple Home has support for a pre-approved list of products like:

  • home security
  • garage doors
  • smart TVs
  • speakers
  • sprinklers
  • windows
  • thermostats
  • lights

Group the Apple-approved devices in one room on the Home app to control your smart devices at one time. You can even curate your home with a click of a button or voice command. Simple commands such as “turn off the lights and fan in the bedroom.” are carried out quickly but to make complex requests, you will have to click on the app’s icon to control the settings.

You can also create “scenes” for each room, allowing you to group commands. For example, “Movie Night” will let you lower the shades, dim the lights, and turn the smart TV on together at once. You can set these scenes and their settings based on location, time, and whichever user is home.

2. Google Assistant app

Google Assistant app

Google Assistant App lets your manage your chores or smart devices right from the comfort of your phone, even if you are not at home. Expecting company but stuck in traffic? Activate whichever device you want, and welcome your guests to a cozy haven.

You can create “routines” that set multiple tasks that can be started simultaneously. For example, “Hey Google, Good Night” will carry out your routine for you, or you can set a command within the app to turn your lights off, close your blinds, and turn off your TV and music. You can set these routines anywhere you want to and edit them as per your preferences.

3. Amazon Alexa app

Amazon Alexa app

With Alexa “routines,” you can control multiple settings and devices with one request. Get mobile alerts through the app about your home security, and whether it’s broken glass, a triggered smoke alarm, or a fox running through your yard, you’ll get a notification on your phone.

Set routines and mobile alerts with the Amazon Alexa app and stay up-to-date about your home anytime, anywhere you are. The app lets you control multiple settings and devices on a single request.

Using “hunches,” you can use Alexa to remind you about things or settings you may have looked over or forgotten. Like if you forget to lock your door, Alexa will send you a notification that will prompt you to lock your door through your app.

4. Samsung SmartThings app

Samsung SmartThings app

SmartThings app uses the “mode.” to group together multiple settings for various devices. With the app notifications, you can receive information about your devices and update the controls you have set.

You can configure start and end times for your devices and even make sure they’re set to automatic. Control all your smart devices with this app and transform your lifestyle for good!

5. Danalock Bluetooth Z-lock

Danalock Bluetooth Z lock

If you have an IoT-based home security system, this app is the best deal!

Setting up the Danalock app is pretty straightforward, using the guide provided to the user after the app has been installed. The ease and efficiency of this app’s UI and the simplicity of its function make the Danalock app one of the best in the market right now.

Which app do you prefer to use with your smart devices? We love to hear what you have to share, so let us know in the comments below.


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