Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency In Singapore

5 Things To Consider Before Hiring a Digital Agency In United States


Hiring a Digital Agency In the United States can be tiresome, as they charge a hefty price so you don’t want to risk your money for it.

Every agency on the internet seems to make big promises but unfortunately very few can deliver what they believe in. So today, at Digital Phablet, We are focusing on what you need to know into account while selecting a digital agency.

1. Inquire About The Agency From Any Former Client

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Every Digital Agency In the United States has a page which showcases clients, some of the websites show big names which might amaze you at first, but it is not always the TRUE! So, all you need to do is you scroll over to the client list and select any client you feel that can give you suggestion.

Hit up any of the employees on LinkedIn and get reviews about that Digital Agency, it works most of the time.

2. Variety of Services They’re Offering

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Going for an agency that is just looking after a few things are not always a good choice. Because all agencies have their commissions and discounts. Always go for the agencies which are giving you All in one service such as SEO, PPC, SEM, Web Development, App Development etc. Going for an agency which only gives SEO and PPC is not a good choice as if you want App to be developed so you will have to go through all the hassle once again.

3. Read Online Agency Reviews

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Always look for agency reviews on sites like Trustpilot. The reason I mentioned this website that these do not do “promotional reviews” while most of the other ranking websites would take money from agencies, rank than as number one, no matter how worse they are, and put up a fake review.

4. Look for Testimonials and Case Studies

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All good digital marketing agencies in America or Europe put testimonials and case studies of the things they did for their clients. Many agencies only upload brand logos on their website but they do not tell what did they do for them. But a good digital agency won’t just add a logo to make their client list look cool but will also add testimonials and a full case study showing their works and outcomes.

5. Price Matters in Hiring a Digital Agency

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Staying in your budget is tough! Digital agencies will keep giving you the quotes that you can’t afford, they are very good in selling their services so you can’t afford but you might still ligit them because they will sell you their services very efficiently.

So which Digital Agency In Singapore is good for me?

There are following details you need to look for, go for an Affordable Digital Agency which has a variety of services. Hiring a digital agency isn’t easy as it seems so, make sure the agency you chose agree to do work for you while staying in your budget.

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