Monetize Twitter Tweets with Super Follow Feature

Twitter announces a new upcoming paid feature called the super follow feature, which will allow the users to monetize their content.

The first look of this new feature super follow presented by Twitter allows users to receive a monthly fee in return for premium content.

The new feature was reviewed by Twitter several times on Thursday released it on analyst day event. That new feature looks similar to the groups on Facebook.

Super Follow Twitter Monetize Tweets 1

Twitter capped off the day by disclosing its top 3 long-term goals as geared towards investors.

Here is a little highlight from twitter’s Analyst Day.

Monetize Twitter Tweets with Super Follow

With the help of this new feature of Twitter super follow feature, users will be able to monetize their tweets.

If the monthly fee users super follow their favorite content creators, they can obtain these given perks.

  • Deals and discounts
  • Subscriber-only newsletters
  • Community access
  • A supporter badge
  • Exclusive content

This is the first-page feature that Twitter offers to the users, and it is also the first time that the users of Twitter are getting paid.

Super Follow Twitter Monetize Tweets 3

On Twitter, the famous content creators can now earn through the content they provide to the platform. This new feature can be handy for journalists, reporters, and publications.

This brings us to the end of a subscription-based product that Twitter has made.

Communities on Twitter

Super Follow Twitter Monetize Tweets 1

An early look was given by Twitter, which showed that this new feature is the same as Facebook groups.

Communities let the users of Twitter join a discussion about a centralized topic according to screenshots shared.

Users will be able to share their tweets to several communities they belong to while composing a tweet.

More details will be shared about this new feature of Twitter Super Follow, and community features have yet to be shared publicly.


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