8 Best PS5 Skins You Should Buy To Make Console Look Cool!

Give your gaming console and controllers the personalized look you love with any of these selected PS5 skins!

The global supply shortages have the fans slumped down but worry not, the upcoming sales in the holiday season will redeem all your patience. There are Twitter accounts dedicated to updating you about when the next-gen consoles are restocked, and they will help you get your hands on a PS5 in no time.

PS5 is a marvelous console, with a distinct upgrade from PS4 in terms of processing power, graphic, audio, and even in terms of DualSense controller, which is a remarkable upgrade from the DualShock4. but while the specs are definitely better than the previous console, the glossy outer surface and the glossy white panels don’t sit well with some users.

PS5 1

To keep their consoles from getting scratched or from dust showing on the panels, PS5 owners are keen to invest in protective modifications like shells, skins, and wraps. With the curved side panels of the PS5, aesthetics are not an important feature as they are meant to keep the system cool when the console is drawing maximum power.

It is therefore important to not buy flat panels as part of your PS5 console skin as they will hinder the cooling process and in turn, your gaming experience. We have put together 4 of the best skins for both the console and the controller. take a look and choose which skin suits your needs perfectly.


1. Red-white spider PS5 Console Protective Wrap

Red white spider PS5 Console Protective Wrap

A high-quality, layered vinyl with a high-definition resolution printed design this war protects your PS5 console from scratches and dust, without any effect on its outlook for longer periods.

The wrap is fairly easy to put on and the bubble-free sticker can be easily removed when necessary, without leaving any residue behind. The decal wrap is compatible with the PlayStation 5 (disk version) and imparts a fresh look to your gaming console.

2. Ven Decal Kit PS5 Console Skin

Ven Decal Kit PS5 Console Skin

This kit comes in two editions, Disk and Digital. The premium, machine-cut vinyl skin comes in a variety of decal designs, and its adhesive layer sticks to the console without any hindrance. This trendy skin keeps your console free of scratches and protects it from dirt. ait has an easy, 4 step installation and comes off as smoothly whenever necessary as it sticks.

3. Jordan Black Cement PS5 Console Skin

Jordan Black Cement PS5 Console Skin

The Jordan Black Cement skin for PS5 comes in just the Disk Edition so order carefully. It is durable, lightweight, and ultra-thin, making your console stand out while looking sleek. This skin is smooth yet tear-resistant and offers optimum protection to your console against dust, greasy fingerprints, and scratches. The easy-to-apply decal has multiple layers and sticks easily without any bubbles, leaving no residue on the console upon removal.

4. Black Shoebox PS5 Console Skin (Disk Edition)

Black Shoebox PS5 Console Skin

The Black Shoebox PS5 skin comes as a Disk edition as well and compliments your console with its vibrant design yet durable quality. The thin, smooth skin offers good protection against the nuisance of dust and scratches, and layers on your console hassle-free.

PS5 Controller


1. MXRC Silicone Rubber Grimace Pack Skin For PS5 DualSense Controller

MXRC Silicone Rubber Grimace Pack Skin For PS5 DualSense Controller

The high-quality MXRC Grimace Pack is designed especially for the PS5 DualSense controller, with access to all ports and controls. It fully covers the entire controller and gives it a sleek, funky look. the anti-slip skin means a premium experience, without compromising your gaming skills. Protect your controller with this skin that comes with customizable patents.

2. Aosai Skin For PS5 DualSense Controller

Aosai Skin For PS5 DualSense Controller

This durable, studded silicone skin gives you an enhanced grip on your controller while its super-fit protects the controller against damage from dust, grease, and scratches. The FPS Pro Thumb Grips add to the experience of the analog stick.

3. MXRC Silicone Rubber Cartoon & Beast Skin For PS5 DualSense Controller

3. MXRC Silicone Rubber Cartoon Beast Skin For PS5 DualSense Controller

The Cartoon & BEast MXRC Silicone skin for your PS5 controller is another great-quality protective cover that adds to your gaming experience with its anti-slip, tear-resistant material. Keep your controller optimized and safe, game after game. It comes with 8 Thumb Grips that have 4 different styles.

4. Fosmon Camo Black/ Blue Ski For PS5 DualSense Controller

Fosmon Camo Black Blue Ski For PS5 DualSense Controller

This silicone skin snuggles your controller with a custom-fit, specially tailored design. it offers great protection against the daily wear and tear that comes with constant gaming, while also keeping the controller shock-proof.

The perfect fit allows no overlaps over the controls and the snug, dotted Thumb Grips make sure your analog sticks are protected throughout the use, giving your better steering and aiming accuracy while increasing your movement range.

Did you find any of these skins useful? Let us know in the comments below.


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