Cats and Dogs Can’t Get Infected With Coronavirus, Says WHO

Cats and Dogs Cant Get Infected Coronavirus WHO
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Good news for the pet owners! There is no yet evidence available on the fact that pets, for instance; cats and dogs, have chances to get infected with the pandemic COVID-19. It is declared by the WHO (World Health Organization).

Like the SARS virus that appeared in the past, the coronavirus gets transmitted in the form of droplets of a sneeze, saliva, coughs, and the discharges from the nose.

However, pets are known to create droplets very easily, yet there are still essential blockages present for the contagious virus to transfer from human beings to animals and vice versa. World Health Organization stated that for now, there is no proof present that pets or the companion animals let’s say, dogs and cats, can get caught by the new widespread coronavirus.

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Higher quantities of the infected people were diagnosed with the locals of China. Their local officials, who belong at a village present in Zhejiang, have requested every local to quarantine their pets and animals.

They have also ordered them to slaughter all the stray dogs roaming on the streets. A second village located within China is also known to have taken such a similar step at the end of the month of January.

They also quarantined their pets and killed the animals to control the spread of coronavirus. The origin of the COVID-19 is known to take place with the help of the dead animal flesh present within the Wuhan market. Thus, it immediately got spread within human beings. However, animals are observed to stay safe from it so far.

On the other side, a report was received that a pet dog present within Hong Kong appeared a “weak positive” in his test concerning the coronavirus. It then got quarantined. WHO recommends that pet owners have a higher risk of the virus than their pets.

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