Japanese Temple to Get AIRobot Monk to Give Buddhist Teachings

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The world we are living in is the world of AI Robots. From hotels to supermarkets, we are now coming across various kind of AI (Artificial Intelligence) centric robots almost everywhere.

Now, you will be seeing an AI Robot Monk in a Japanese temple as well.

Robot Monk In Japan

Kodaiji Temple, a 400 years old Japanese temple located in Kyoto, Japan is getting ready to install first ever AI Monk to spread Buddhist teachings starting this Saturday.

The robot will be powered by the Android system, the basic objective of this AI-robot will be helping people to get into the temple.

Android Robot Monk
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The first-ever AI Monk Robot is Kannon. This robot is 1.95 meters tall, the neck, head, hands, and shoulders are made of silicon giving it a realistic skin touch. A camera is also attached to its left eye, which allows the Monk Robot to make eye contact with the other worshippers.

Android-based AI Robot Monk Kannon will give religious sermons in Japanese languages, but it can also speak various languages including Chinese and English.

Ai Robot Monk Kodaiji Temple

The cost of this AI Robot Monk Kannon is $1 million, which is a joint venture of Kodaiji Temple an Osaka University profession of robotics, Hiroshi Ishiguro.

Monk at the Kodaiji temple, Tensho Goto said;

“We are looking forward to seeing how Kannon (Android AI Monk) will help the people accept Buddhist teachings and understand them by their hearts.”

This step is going to revolutionize the religious teachings in the Japanese temple, as this technology will attract new people towards the temple.

If this approach proves to be successful, then more Japanese people will be attending the ceremonies in the temple as well as more temples in Japan will be installing these robots in temples.

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