50-year-old Japanese Biker Turns Himself Into a Girl Through App

Nowadays, our mobile apps are fascinating. They have developed a lot compared to early smartphone days when all we could see were boring apps. Nowadays, apps are developed enough to apply filters to all photos and transform us within seconds. That is what a 50-year-old Japanese biker has taken to another level.

In Japan, there is a Twitter account by the name of azusagakuyuki. It contains photos and tweets of a beautiful woman who appears to be young and looks like she is a bit of an enthusiast biker. Everything was normal until a photo showed up on that person’s side mirror, who is not the same as in photos.

Due to this, many people in Japan and Japanese media are dealing with curiosity for tracking down the biker and finding out what is going on. But in reality, this young beautiful woman was a 50 years old man who just transformed his looks through a smartphone app.

biker japan 50 years old beautiful woman app 1

The man claimed that his purpose of using that app was that no one will be interested in seeing an old man, so that’s why he used it to make himself more popular, according to the man.

biker japan 50 years old beautiful woman app 1 1

The biker was tracked down by the person behind the camera. The Japanese media picked up the curious turns of events, and gradually they tracked the biker.

According to a Japanese variety show, the bike rider was actually a 50-year-old man who transformed his looks with the app’s help.

biker japan 50 years old beautiful woman app 2 1

Given below is the reveal when the 50 years old biker was interviewed by the crew.

His account still seems to be continued to post pictures with the help of the app, as revealed by the media.


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