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What Is Starlink Mini?

Portable Satellite Internet

Starlink Mini offers high-speed internet in a compact, portable form, perfect for staying connected on the go.

Seamless In-Motion Use

Designed for RVs, boats, and mobile setups, the Starlink Mini maintains stable connectivity even while moving.

Compact Dish

The Starlink Mini dish is smaller and easier to transport than the original, making setup and relocation effortless.

Efficient Receiver

The Starlink Mini receiver ensures high data throughput, providing reliable internet access for personal and professional use.

Roaming Capabilities

With Starlink Mini, you can stay connected across state lines and even international borders, ideal for travelers and digital nomads.

Enhanced Antenna

The Starlink Mini antenna is designed for strong signal reception, ensuring a reliable connection even in remote or challenging areas.

DC Power Compatible

The Starlink Mini can be powered by DC sources, offering versatile power options for vehicles, boats, and off-grid scenarios.

Affordable Pricing

Expected to be competitively priced, the Starlink Mini aims to make high-speed satellite internet accessible to a wider audience.

High-Speed Internet

The Starlink Mini offers download and upload speeds comparable to traditional broadband, suitable for streaming, gaming, and other data-intensive activities.