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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Stocks To Invest In 

All NASDAQ / NYSE listed companies have invested a huge sum of the revenue into AI technology and so should you! Here are the top 10 AI Stocks:

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No. 1

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The company reported a 23% increase in revenue with millions of new subscribers!

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No. 2


With Deepfake detection as the latest addition to its AI, FB reported a 56% revenue increase!

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No. 3


PUBG’s founding company reported a 20% revenue increase with mobile games pitching in a decent share!

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No. 4


E-Commerce King had a 23% revenue increase, AWS played a major part and made it the fastest-growing stock in AI!

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No. 5


Google’s sister company reported a 20% increase in revenue in its fiscal year.

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No. 6

Microsoft Stocks

Multiple investments like OpenAI have increased its revenue by a whopping 55%! 

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No. 7


Maker of the world's most powerful Graphics Card reported a 35% revenue increase! 

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No. 8


Managing your digital agreements, DocuSign increased 15% in revenue!

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No. 9


Google’s Chinese alt. Increased its revenue by 18.35% in its fiscal year.

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No. 10


Working with the Boobo AI, it showed decent growth and increased the revenue by 20%.

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