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Fastest Growing Cities in Europe

Cities in Europe that are growing at a faster pace.

10. Surgut, Russia 

The city offers plausible tourism opportunities. It is connected to all the major cities in Russia and has climbed up to reach a growth rate of 1.17%.

9. Krasnodar, Russia 

Over the years, it has seen a rise in economic as well as tourism fronts and is currently showing a growth rate of 1.22%.

8. Lausanne, Switzerland

Fastest growing commercial hub is projecting a growth rate of 1.23%!

7. Stockholm, Sweden 

This beautiful city is spanned over 14 islands and connected by 57 bridges! With more tourist attractions, this city has a growth rate of 1.25%

6. Coventry-Bedworth, UK

Dclared as the UK City of Culture 2021 and is going to be host to the Commonwealth Games 2022! Its diversity has put its growth rate at a 1.32%! 

5. Sochi, Russia

2014 Olympic Host city is showcasing a growth rate of 1.33%. 

4. Oslo, Norway

With a growth rate at 1.38% today, this vibrant city is sure to take your breath away.

3. Tiranë, Albania

Now Albania’s capital, this delightful tourist spot shows a growth rate of 1.63%!

2. Tyumen, Russia

It is the second fastest growing city in Europe with a growth rate of 1.88%.

1. Balashikha, Russia

Just 15km outside Moscow and with a growth rate of 2.01%, Balashikha is the fastest emerging city in Europe.

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