LED Lights In Your House Can Blind Your Eyes Permanently – BBC

ANSES officials have requested people to lower the use of LED lights in your house in a 400 pages long report. LED lights can be found in Mobile phones and TVs as well.

Surprisingly, this report has debunked all the researches that claimed that LED lights in Mobile phones and laptop screens are not bad for eyesight. But the LED bulbs or lights can pose a serious threat to the eyesight and can damage your eyes permanently.

France’s government-run health research said that LED bulbs can permanently damage your retina, and causes insomnia.

ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety) listed LED-lights are “Photo-Toxic” in their 400 pages long report. Photo-Toxic means that it can cause serious loss of retinal cells which is a common cause of blindness in a human being.

As LED Phones and Laptops does not cause any harm to the eyes. LED-lights in our houses and car headlights can cause greater damage to your eyes.


The LED technology has covered almost 70% of the electricity market as it is more energy saving and cheaper in price. And the researchers are expecting more raise in the market share for LEDs by the end of 2019.

These LED-lights emit a larger quantity of blue light than ordinary incandescent bulbs. It is also noted by the authority that people who work late night shifts are exposed to these artificial light for longer see more chances of cancer.

University of Toledo researchers also warned that blue light from LED-lights can cause cancer and speed up the process of blindness in people.


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