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People With Nail-Biting Habit More Likely To Get Coronavirus

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Purvi Parikh, an infectious disease and allergy expert has recently warned the public, mainly to those who possess the nail-biting bad habit. This habit could maximize the hazard of gaining COVID-19.

She further strongly encouraged the public to decline the mentioned behavior. But if still, you aren’t able to prevent this practice, she has also recommended some things that would appear helpful to avoid the chewing of nails.

Purvi Parikh
Purvi Parikh / Metro UK

Within an online report, Purvi discussed that nails are able to accumulate every type of bacteria, debris, dirt, and harmful viruses. And when a nail biter doesn’t habitually wash off his hands, these germs could easily get transferred inside their mouths, she further added.

She explained that bacteria transmitting inside your mouth turns out the highly convenient and fastest way for the various infections and deadly diseases to spread.

The pandemic coronavirus is in continuation to spread and has claimed many lives too. This gives one more reason to the nail biters to call off their habit immediately for good.

And also, Purvi Parikh shared that she totally understands the fact that being cold turkey for a bad habit is neither a convenient option, not a fastest one to appear.

Though, Parikh and many other health experts in various countries have suggested some practical prevention ways for the general public concerning coronavirus.

Among them, some are for the nail biters too. The first and main thing is to have the hands covered with gloves as hands usually get in contact with a variety of items. And with the completely covered hands, you won’t find a chance to bite your nails.

The second and most useful option is to keep a packet of chewing gums with you every time. This habit would keep your mouth busy and would prevent the feeling of biting.

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