HawkHost Review – Never Buy Hawk Host Hosting, Not Worth It!

Hawkhost Review

HawkHost is a Canada based website. This is their review if you’re trying to buy it. They’re weak and poor web hosting which doesn’t worth your money.

I have been affiliated with them for past 4 to 5 years, having 2 to 5 websites with them, which I eventually shifted to Namecheap after having the worst nightmare with them.

Sometimes, these Webhosting companies promise that they’re best in the world but in reality they’re nothing.

Shared Hosting Is Worse

I had 2 out of 5 websites with HawkHost’s shared hosting server, their servers are dead slow. Sometimes, after getting a push in traffic due to whatsoever reason, you can experience a slow website, which can eventually hurt your Google ranking, because it happened with one of my websites. I was getting 314,000 on an average visitors which has now come down to just 129,000 on an average, due to slow loading website.

This happens when you host so many websites on a single server, which limits the resources.


Downtime is way higher, due to slow servers. I had set up Jetpack to monitor the downtime of my website, and every now and then I get the notification which says, Your website is not loading, while their status page suggested that everything is working fine.

Hawk Host Downtime

They promise a downtime of 99.99% which is absolutely not true.

They do not pay their affiliates

They never pay! The reason? they have problem with their affiliate tracking code. I gave them enough signups to earn me $100, and guess what only 40% of the successful signup purchases were recorded while the other went into gutter.

Hawkhost Affiliates

Even after getting stuck at $58 I decided to refer them to my brother, who was just starting the website, he purchased the hosting using my affiliate link and yet again, the commission was not given to me. I contacted their support, but the answer was pathetic and illogical.

Not refunding the money

I have about $71 deposited, and I have to lose it since I have decided to cancel my account.

Hawkhost Money Topup

Never ever top up your money to HawkHost.

So, is HawkHost worth it for Dedicated Servers, VPS or VPN?

I would never suggest HawkHost Dedicated Servers, VPS or VPN. The reason? Their support is just pathetic, in case your website or server goes down, you will need at least 45 mins to get a hold of their customer support.

HawkHost Login – Poor customer service

Their customer service used to be fast and effective, but with the passage of time, they have gone worse. These days they now take at least 40 to 50 mins to reply to a single ticket.

Hawkhost Customer Support

One of my high visited websites was down, their server status page said All Servers Are Operational but my website was down, I contacted them and guess what! They replied after 1 hour and 10 mins! (at 6 am I asked the question and got a reply at 7:10 am) and this became the reason for me to switch my last website from there.

Useless Hawkhost coupon

Have you ever noticed that they’re always offering coupons and discount all year round? That is the thing that overloads their servers and causing downtime to many website dedicated servers and all.

HawkHost Review Conclusion

When I started out with HawkHost it was a decent, fast and solid hosting, but now HawkHost has turned itself into a trainwreck, it would never recommend anyone getting it.

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