Google To Lose 800 Million Users If Huawei Leaves Android

Google To Lost 700 Million Users If Huawei Leaves Android
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The epic legend of the US-China trade war continues, and the two sides have been hit hard. The United States has blacklisted several Chinese technology companies, and China has resolutely done so and warned other companies to continue to cooperate with the Trump administration. Will have serious consequences. So far, the most significant aspect of this tit-for-tat is that Google decided to remove the Android operating system from Huawei devices, a move that could have a negative impact on the search engine giant itself.

In response to the Trump ban, Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei said that if Huawei abandoned Android, Google would lose 800 million users.

“Huawei and Google will always maintain the same interests. If we don’t load Google’s system, Google will lose 7-8 million users in the future,” the Chinese executive said.

Even if you happen to be one of the most valuable technology companies in the world, this is quite a standard. On the one hand, it is not surprising that Huawei is the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world and has a large Android user base.

On the other hand, Google may somehow fail to explain or prepare to sacrifice a significant portion of consumers to comply with the Trump ban.

It’s easy to make this quoted number illegal, but it’s just a trick to put pressure on Google and other US technology companies considering blacklisting Chinese companies. However, given that this information comes from the CEO himself, and no doubt has reliable mobile analysis and data usage, this number is very likely to be very accurate.

If the deal is successful, it will be bleak for Google, right? Not entirely because of the loyalty of Huawei users. There is no evidence that all of these 800 million users are willing to move from Android to HongMeng OS. After all, Huawei’s sales in Europe, especially Germany and Spain, have been declining since the Trump ban was announced.

It is believed that Android’s preference is enough to force most Huawei users to quit and use other devices that support the operating system.

Therefore, although China’s smartphone giants certainly have a large consumer base, the quality and popularity of Google’s operating system will ensure that US companies will not lose so many users.

Cover Photo: TechJuice

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