15 GTA 5 Stats You Need To Know About This Game (Updated 2023!)

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GTA 5 stats have some incredible numbers that surely surprise you. We’re taking on this topic by presenting several statistics about this game.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is the only game that is fighting the world game charts for more than 7 years. Since it’s release it has never left the top 5 spots when it comes to what gamers would want to play.

Here are some of the best GTA 5 Stats;

  1. Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5 has sold more than 120 million copies all around the world. It is one of the most sold games in video gaming history.
  2. Since the game’s release, GTA 5 players have listened to 75 billion minutes of music while playing the game.
  3. Grand Theft Auto 5 has made USD 6 Billion in revenue since the launch of the game.
  4. In the first 24 hours after the Grand Theft Auto V was put up on sales, Rockstar made $800 Million in just 24 hours.
  5. It made Rockstar Corporation $1 Billion in just 3 days.
  6. The United Kingdom is the region where gamers bought most of the game; around 2 million copies were only bought in the United Kingdom.
  7. In GTA 5 Online stats, viewers on Twitch spent 523 million hours watching Grand Theft Auto gameplay.
  8. Rockstar made the US $700 Million only from GTA Online microtransactions.
  9. The highest amount of online players in GTA Online were 90,074.
  10. The in-game money earned by players is $1.4 trillion (in-game money).
  11. About 33.8 million users have signed up on GTA Online.
  12. The most profitable game in the gaming industry is Grand Theft Auto V.
  13. The rarest achievement is Mastermind. It is unlocked by less than 3% of players all around the world. In this, you have to complete all 3 criminal mastermind challenges in the Doomsday heist.
  14. There are more than 800 channels actively streaming GTA V on Twitch.
  15. On average, 76,291 people watch the live stream on Twitch.

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