5 Best Nintendo Switch Stand in 2023 (Budget Price!)

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Looking for a Nintendo Switch Stand at a cheap price tag? Here are some of the best you can get while staying in the budget.

1. ADZ Adjustable Switch Playstand

ADZ Adjustable Switch Playstand

Multi-angle display switch stand compatible with Nintendo Switch console. You can adjust it according to your viewing angle. Raises your switch up for simpler charging and allows space for a USB charge cable.

It provides an adjustable angle design with three-level settings. You can also which the angle off-screen at 50 60 or 30 degrees.

Two prongs make sure that your switch console is stable on the bracket interface, and its rubber prevents it from slipping. In case you are using a skin or silicon protector, it comes with extra space of 0.45cm. It is the best Nintendo switch stand.

2. HORI Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch

HORI Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch

Now, you can enjoy playing your Nintendo Switch at the perfect angle with the compact PlayStand by HORI, which is officially licensed by Nintendo. It stays fixed on its place with rubber grips’ help, and it folds out to hold the Nintendo Switch at an adjustable angle. You can also charge while playing because it has a space for a charging cable connected easily. The Nintendo Switch and charging cables are omitted. It folds up for easy portability.

3. Charging Dock and Charger Stand Station for Nintendo Switch and Lite

Charging Dock and Charger Stand Station for Nintendo Switch and Lite

It makes the placement more stable and safe with the help of its triangle stand, which has anti-slip metal bottom as a counterweight and designed to provide protection for over-voltage and over-current. To protect the appearance of the console, there is a soft silicone pad around the output port. While playing games, you can fully charge your switch lite under 2.5 hours.

4. Newaner Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand

Newaner Adjustable Switch Stand

This new table stand looks very stylish and sleek, and its also portable, which can be easily stored in your pocket. It is a perfect accessory for your home. It comes with a 1 year no question asked warranty, and on every order, it is backed by a 30 days trial.

5. TIZOPO Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch

TIZOPO Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch

It is specially made for Nintendo switch lite and Nintendo switch, which helps the Nintendo switch system be charged while in Tabletop mode, and the dock provides a rapid charging speed. It has an upgraded design that makes it more durable and precise electrical components, fine processing, and strong wear resistance.


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