8 Best Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards for Gaming and Office – 2023

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Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards are in demand for Gaming and Office because of their feel and satisfying clicky feel. So, our team at Digital Phablet decided to handpick some of the best available keyboards for you.

8 Best Low Profile Mechanical Keyboards For You!

We have handpicked some of the best mechanical keyboards in the market for your use. Have a look and make a purchase.

Let’s jump into the details;

1. Perixx PERIBOARD-328 Full-Size

Perixx PERIBOARD 328 Full Size 1

With the Brown Switch accurate mechanical performance and a 3mm travel distance that provides the facility, it is also softer and quieter than other mechanical switches. You can also customize your individual key RGB with effects with adjustable brightness and reactive lighting. You can save the lighting mode you like best by saving it in F1-F4. 

2. MSI Vigor GK50 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

MSI Vigor GK50 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Low profile mechanical keyboard switches give accuracy, endurance, and speed. Its design is lightweight and slim. It lessens pain and reduces strains of wrists and hands with the help of its ergonomic high-low keycap.

3. DIERYA DK63 Wireless Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

DIERYA DK63 Wireless Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

For high responsiveness in the games, it features low-profile mechanical switches with reduced travel and actuation. It has a slim and compact design. It provides a fresh aesthetic with a small footprint with Dierya DK63. High resistance is guaranteed against long-lasting surface wear.

4. Cooler Master SK650

Cooler Master SK650

Cherry MX low-profile switches have a reduced travel distance and actuation point, which have the same signature. They are long-lasting and accurate, and without any software, they can make adjustments to lighting and macros in real-time.

5. AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard

AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard

KM-G12 comes with 12 lighting configuration presets and also with seven color presets. You can also get full access to other customization options with the help of G aim software. Blue switches are characterized by accurate tactile feedback, and it also has an audible click sound with satisfying travel.

6. HAVIT Office Mechanical Keyboard

HAVIT Office Mechanical Keyboard

Multiple RGB custom backlit modes, playing in the dark, and simple typing. For customizing, press Fn+F12, and for default partial keys luminescence. For presetting all keys RGB press Fn+F6-F11.

7. Redragon K509 for Office and Gaming

Redragon K509

K509 Redragon RGB LED keyboard has 6 various backlight modes and is a backlighted keyboard. It has 4 backlight brightness levels and several colors. The illumination can be completely turned off, and it provides adjustable breathing speed. ANTI-GHOSTING KEYBOARD; k509 provides a full numeric keypad and has conflict-free (n-Key Rollover).

8. Eagletec KG011

Eagletec KG011

Gaming keyboard for office and home, the EagleTec KG010 has dust-proof blue switches having 104 keys. (Cherry MX blue Equivalent) clicky, audible loud click sound, medium resistance, is good for typing and gaming and provides accurate tactile feedback.


What is a low-profile mechanical keyboard?

Low profile keyboard has shorter key switches and shorter boards. When you call a keyboard “low-profile” it means it has a short body with regular switches, switches, and regular body, or it could be either one of them. A combo of these two features makes a keyboard low-profile mechanical keyboard.

Are low-profile mechanical keyboards better?

They are a great choice because they feel you’re going to get in low-profile keyboards that you can’t experience in your daily life keyboard. Low profile is perfect for those who don’t want an expensive keyboard since most of us get keyboards for ourselves, not for twitch streaming.

Are low-profile switches good?

Low-Profile mechanical keyboards are perfect for those users who want to have a mechanical feel at an affordable price. The Low-Profile keyboard is 50 times much better than our normal membrane keyboard.

Are 60 keyboards better?

60-key keyboards are perfect for focused worked since it is narrower. It doesn’t have a numeric pad that allows your mouse to have more space which you can place near to it. This also reduces strain on your wrist and mouse hand.


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