This is How to Create 3D Photo on Facebook for Android and iOS

Create 3D Photo on Facebook for Android iOS
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Facebook is engaged on a new feature that will let a user create 3D Photo on Facebook without a hi-tech or expensive camera.

This 3D photo feature was announced in 2018, which lets users give a touching look to the images if they are taken in portrait mode. Though, this time Facebook yet again declared this feature though the greatest thing is it is not obligatory this time that pictures should only be in portrait.

3D Moving Photos on Facebook Doesn’t require Portrait Mode

With the use of AI, the company will help you to alter old 2D photos to 3D ones. This means if a user have old photos, they can simply change them to 3D through this platform. The Facebook said in a blog post:

This structure gathers the 3D arrangement of any picture, whether it is a latest click just taken on an iOS or Android smartphone with a standard camera, or a 10 years old picture just uploaded to a laptop or phone,” 

How to create or post a 3D Photo on Facebook from Android or iPhone

The blog post also informs about other facts concerning the functioning of the complete procedure. It also shares some samples so that a user can easily use this latest feature.

To like this feature, a user should have the latest Android device or an iPhone 7 or higher device. The latest feature works in-app only, so if you meet the above standards, update your app and get your hands on this feature.

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