These Things Will Happen If You Eat 2 Cloves a Day

These Things Will Happen If You Eat 2 Cloves a Day

Cloves are widely used in our food to spice up the taste, first found in Indonesia. It is one of the most famous spices in the world. But it has some great medicinal advantages.

We at Digital Phablet decided to share with you the amazing health advantages of eating just 2 cloves a day.

1. It makes your Immune System better

clove benefits for men

It increases the number of White blood cells in the body which helps our body fighting all sorts of Infections. All credit goes to Vitamin C in cloves.

2. Better Digestion

clove benefits for hair

If you’re having Digestion problems, Cloves are the best remedy for it as they contain Fiber, which helps in digestion of food and prevents constipation.

3. Relife Toothaches

clove benefits for teeth

It has Anesthetic properties, if you have a toothache, put a clove on it and it will numb that tooth making you feel less pain.

4. Cloves make your Liver healthy

clove benefits for skin

Clove oil detoxifies our liver when taken regularly. The eugenol is present in Clove oil which improves liver functioning.

5. They reduce inflammation and Body in your pain

clove benefits for health

As told above, Eugenol also makes cloves analgesic and anti-inflammatory. It also cures your headaches and other body pains.

6. Cloves are best for Joints and Bones

clove benefits for cough

Cloves have flavonoids, manganese, and eugenol that increase bone density, it also cures joint pains and helps in the creation of bone tissue.

7. They’re Anti-Bacterial

clove benefits and side effects

Research by the University of Buenos Aires tested a clove against some dangerous bacteria like E. coli and Staphylococcus. The research showed that cloves were very essential in eliminating these bacterias.

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8. Full of Anti-Oxidants

clove benefits acne

Clove is the most potent dietary source of Polyphenols. These help in lower cholesterol, and blood pressure.

9. They help to Regulate Blood Sugar

clove benefits at night

A single clove a day is best for people with blood sugar problem including Diabetes because a single clove acts as an Insulin inside the body.

10. They help in slowing down the Blood Clotting

clove aromatherapy benefits

And again the Eugenol is also great for slowing down for blood clotting. Keeping in mind that it can react badly with thinner blood medications.