Apple Has Launched Long-Awaited Apple Card in August

Apple Card
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The credit card Apple Card, which was announced by the company during this spring’s service event, will begin accepting applications in August, and the company will confirm it in its 2019 third-quarter earnings conference call.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said: “70% of the Apple employees are using Apple cards for beta testing every day, and Apple will start rolling out Apple Cards in August.”

Apple Card will be available in digital and solid titanium cards. However, Apple Card does not use the traditional 16-digit card number, CVV code or expiration date as a personal identifier. Instead, it randomly generates these numbers during each transaction to ensure a safe purchase.

These numbers are also generated on the device, and the company promises that creditor Goldman Sachs will not be able to track and view your shopping locations, the items you purchased or how much you spent.

Offers on Apple Card

Apple Credit Card

Apple will also offer rewards for cashback rewards, such as 2% for Apple Pay and 3% for Apple. These are not the best rewards compared to other credit cards, but if you already use the iPhone and plan to buy more Apple products, this is a relatively convenient card.

Apple did not accurately state the launch date of the August Apple Card, but it is expected that updates will be posted to your Wallet app soon when the app opens.

This is going to be a big step for Apple as the transaction or buying Apple products will be easier, plus, it will ensure more security than any other card. But this card will need some time to gain the audience trust before they apply for it.

Initially, it will be launched in the United States as well as the United Kingdom, currently, it is in beta testing and people can finally expect it’s official launch anytime soon.

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