Youtube Updates Copyright Strike Policy – (Feb 2019 Update)

Youtube Announces Community Guidelines Strike Policy Feb 2019 Update
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Youtube announces new Copyright Strike Policy for people who are monetizing their videos on youtube and earning big from it.

This policy update includes all small and big video publishers and monetizers on the platform. As per new policy, these are the updates we have gotten in new Community Guidelines Strike Policy on Youtube;

Type of Copyright Strikes on YouTube

  • First Strike
  • Second Strike
  • Last Strike (Third Strike)

Youtube Copyright Strike Policy System Penalties

First copyright strike on YouTube

You will be restricted from Live Streaming on your channel

Second copyright strike on Youtube

If you got your second copyright strike on Youtube within the span of 3 months since your first strike, then you won’t be able to post any video or update on your Youtube for two weeks.
You will also lose the privilages to upload custom thumbnail.

Third (Last) copyright strike on Youtube

Your account will be terminated if you have gotten 3 strikes in the span of 3 months.

Appealing Against Copyright Stirke Policy

If you think your content does not violate any policy and is original, so you can appeal against it from here.

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