WWDC 2019 All Product Launches Rumors and Things To Know

WWDC 2020 – All Product Launches, Rumors and Things To Know


WWDC 2020, Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2020, is finally here with latest OS releases, product launches and to announce new updates to Apple devices.

IOS 13 and Dark Mode

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This is the first time, Apple is announcing its own dark mode at WWDC 2020, which is not just battery efficient but also easy for your eyes. iOS 13 is termed as the next generation operating system as Apple promised that they will be introducing some great features for the Apple products users.

Changes Coming to Most of Apple Apps

WWDC 2019 All Product Launches Rumors and Things To Know

With the iOS 13, Apple is pretty determined towards reshaping the UI and to achieve that there will be changes in many Apple applications such as Messages, Maps, Reminders, Health and Mail. Users will be able to spot a great amount of speed and fixed bugs, all of these will be announced at WWDC 2020.

iPad Split Screen (Multiple Windows)

ipad split screen

For iPad, Apple is introducing a feature at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2019, which will allow you to open multiple windows, more like a split screen in an iPad app tab view, allowing users to multitask their work efficiently.

MacOS 10.15

MacOS 10.15

Apple released macOS Mojave and iOS 12 which came out as a better update with minimal enhancements. But in macOS 10.15 and iOS 13, Apple is promising much more enhancements as well as a slight change in how the operating system will look. Hands-on will be seen on WWDC 2020’s stage.

Music, Podcasts and Books Apps for macOS 10.15

Music Podcasts and Books Apps for macOS 10.15

Apple TV was announced a few months back, and with that, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and Apple Book applications will see a great change in macOS 10.15 and apps for iPad such as Siri, Shortcut app, iMessage Effects will see a great number of changes with their new update at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.

32-bit Apps Will No Longer Work With macOS 10.15

32 bit Apps Will No Longer Work With macOS 10.15

macOS 10.15 is exclusively for 64-bit apps and will no longer support 32-bit applications, it means if your apple devices have some apps that run on 32-bit, this new update will kill them if they don’t update their firmware to comply with 64-bit.

Apple tvOS, watchOS 6 Will Be Released

Apple tvOS

tvOS 13 is expected to be a very minor update as compared to the other releases Apple is making. But watchOS 6 will be revamping entirely into something new.

Apple Watch Getting Own App Store

Apple Watch Getting Own App Store

With watchOS 6 updates, Apple will add Apple Watch’s own App Store, to download the apps right from the wrists for the first time. Apple is also adding an app called “Dose” to keep track of your medicine reminders and many other things. Alongside this, Apple is also adding a voice memo, calculator, audiobooks, animojis, and memoji stickers to the apple watch.

New Mac Pro

New Mac Pro

It is currently just a rumor, but some verified sources have confirmed that Apple has reshaped how the Mac Pro will look. It will have some enhancement, to increase productivity for the designers, making it more efficient than the previous ones.

New iPod Touch Will Be Released

New iPod Touch
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A four-year-long break, Apple is finally brushing up their iPod product line. The 7th generation iPod devices looked very identical to the recently announced one. With a 4-inch screen, old skool wide bezels with no Touch ID.

But Apple has been really working hard to keep their iPod Touch alive and this is their powerful and energetic try to regain the product market by announcing something, which is more efficient and unidentical from what people already have in their pockets.

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