Sylvia Tribel

Best New Tech and Gadgets at CES 2023

>>> #1

Ovens powered by AI

Samsung smart fridge and AI-powered oven were introduced at CES 2023. Oven can recommend meals based on ingredients at home. It features a camera that scans food labels to keep track of what's in stock and what's not, as well as a touchscreen on one door.

>>> #2

TV powered by AI

In CES 2023, Samsung and LG introduced a range of TVs that feature AI-powered "auto-HDR" modes.

>>> #3

Old videos in HD!

CES 2023 saw Nvidia demonstrate RTX Video Super Resolution, an AI-powered feature capable of upscaling old, blurry YouTube videos to 4K resolution.

>>> #4

AI flash lights

At CES 2023, Govee introduced the AI Gaming Sync Box Kit, which uses artificial intelligence to sync smart lights with games.

>>> #5

Smart bird feeder

Using an AI-powered camera, Bird Buddy's Smart Hummingbird Feeder is capable of identifying around 1,000 species of birds and tracking their visits in real time.

>>> #6

Self-driving stroller

Glüxkind, a Canadian startup, has developed the Ella smart stroller, an AI-powered motorized buggy that can detect obstacles, alert parents by flashing lights and sounding alerts, and drive itself.

>>> #7

Wireless TV

There are no ports on LG's new wireless TV at CES 2023, but could be a game changer

>>> #8

Robot deliveries, a Brooklyn-based startup that has developed fully autonomous delivery robots, hopes to alleviate some of that all-too-familiar travel anxiety.

>>> #9

Smart audio glasses

A maker of professional and consumer audio gear, 1 of 1 Custom, will collaborate with the singer and dancer known for the tune Straight Up.

>>> #1

Fruit picking robot

An agritech startup in Japan has developed a robot which can identify and pick ripe bell peppers, even if they are covered by leaves, and makes predictions about crop volume and optimizes growth.