Get more views at TikTok with the latest Retweet feature

By Shezrah Abbasi

Fan of Twitter’s retweet feature? Tiktok’s getting it too!

The “Share” section will have the option of allowing you to share all content at once with your followers.

Followers can see your retweeted content in the “For You” section.

The videos won't show on your profile though! Swipe right to know why!

TikTok wants to prevent clutter when influencers repost content again and again.

Videos from other sections like inbox etc, of your profile, will not be ‘retweeted’.

Retweeted content will only appear among the mutual followers.

This feature is being tested on some users of the public version of TikTok for now.

You will also be able to add a message to explain why you are sharing that particular content.

With this feature, TikTok wants to engage passive users and give creators more views on their videos.

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