Sims 4 gets customized pronouns for your Sims

In today's Sims 4 update (May 24), all Sims can use custom pronouns.

Together with it Gets better and GLAAD, EA and Maxis have been working on implementing this long-awaited feature.

Players can input the Sim's subjective, objective, possessive, and reflexive pronouns in Create-a-Sim mode, first demonstrated in January.

The feature is available only in English at the moment, but the developers have confirmed they are planning updates to make it even better.

The localization lead at EA described the linguistic considerations they were considering for the 18 language translations.

It comes one year after the team replied to a fan petition regarding pronouns.

The Sims 4 offers gender customization options (again collaborating with GLAAD), Pride content for single Sims, and LGBTQ+ pre-made characters.

There's more content coming this week in the game. There are two new Sims kits launching on Thursday

Moonlight Chic Kit, featuring Parisian-chic clothing items, and the Little Campers Kit, featuring Build/Buy objects for younger Sims.

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