McDonald's First Fully Automated Restaurant

The world's largest fast-food chains, McDonald's has opened its fully automated restaurant.

This is the first ever restaurant that operates without any human employees

The order is placed by Customers using self-service kiosks while the delicious food is prepared and served by machines.

The restaurant's automated kitchen features a variety of machines, including a burger-flipping machine, a fryer, and a dispenser for drinks and sauces.

The operations are monitored by staff members who are also there to assist customers if needed.

The opening of the first automated restaurant reflects the trend of automation in the food industry and restaurants which may reduce labor costs and increase efficiency.

McDonald's is focusing on its global strategy to modernize the restaurants for a better customer experience

However, the growing trend of automation in the fast-food industry has made low-skilled workers concerned

The ones supporting this automation presented their argument for the introduction of new jobs in the programming and maintenance of machinery

The COVID-19 pandemic plays a significant role in the adoption of automation in many industries, as it minimizes the risk of human contact

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