LinkedIn Launches Free Verification Service

By teaming with CLEAR in the US and Microsoft Entra, LinkedIn has offered a new means to authenticate user identities and employment roles for free. Users are given verification marks.

The Launch

In an era of cost-cutting LinkedIn has developed a plan to extend its appeal by providing free verification marks to users. The program tries to prevent phony profiles, which frustrate users and are frequently used for spam.

Why LinkedIn is Offering Free Verification

LinkedIn would only work with CLEAR in the US to confirm a user's phone number and government ID. The 'Connect' and 'Message' buttons will move beneath a new section called 'Verifications' once the verification procedure is finished.

How to Get Verified on LinkedIn

Only 4,000 firms now use LinkedIn's workplace email verification technique, and freelancers and independent contractors are not eligible for the program.

Existing Verification Methods on LinkedIn

The free verification techniques will reportedly expand to more regions in the future, according to LinkedIn Vice President Oscar Rodriguez, giving users stronger connections and more job chances.

Future of Free Verification on LinkedIn