Doctors told Vladimir Putin he has three years to live because of rapidly growing cancer

FSB spy Boris Karpichkov says Putin has only 'two to three years' left

Russian President Vladimir Putin suffers from 'severe cancer'

The Kremlin's inner circle continues to leak news of his failing health

Kremlin succession plan rumors are swirling.

According to the Mirror, the spy said the wartime leader has 'no more than two to three years' left and is also losing his sight.

As a result, he is now lashing out at his subordinates with an 'uncontrolled fury', the message said.

Telegram channel General SVR claims Putin recently had 'successful' cancer surgery and is recovering. According to the Telegram channel, doctors advised him that treatment was 'essential'.

Putin was captured on state TV awkwardly twisting his feet as he sat down for talks with ally Alexander Lukashenko in Sochi, just hours before the news broke.

Putin was caught on camera making the odd movement during a meeting with Tajikistan's president a week ago. There were rumours that he had Parkinson's disease at that time.

Since then, he has gripped the arms of chairs and table corners in an apparent attempt to conceal any shaking.