10 Best Paying Jobs in Finance

Choosing the right career path can be tough, especially in an industry as competitive as the finance industry. Here are the top 10 best paying jobs in finance to get you started on your way to choosing your perfect career!



A broker is a financial professional who helps businesses, private investors, and individuals buy or sell stocks, bonds, currencies, or other assets. These professionals typically work for a financial institution or brokerage firm.


Personal financial Advisor

They work for insurance companies help clients create plans to deal with risk and prepare for their future. High starting salaries, good prospects, it’s a good job if you can get it.


Financial Analyst

If you’re a finance whiz with strong communication skills, a career as a financial analyst could be right for you. Financial analysts work at businesses of all sizes and across many different industries.



Becoming an accountant is a good way to enter into a career in finance. Accountants and auditors provide accounting, tax advice, and financial reporting for companies.


Loan Officer

Loan officers are financial managers who specialize in helping people acquire new loans or refinance their existing ones. They oversee activities, including collecting information from clients, underwriting risk and approving loans.


Financial Planner

Risk management is a key skill required by financial planners, who help clients map out their long-term financial goals and develop strategies to meet them.



The average salary for a senior auditor is approximately $105,000 per year. While most of your time as an auditor will be spent researching and auditing companies, you’ll also spend a considerable amount of time travelling.


Market analyst

If you’re comfortable using financial data to build a picture of a company’s present and future, then a market analyst job might be right for you.


Fund Manager

In a hedge fund, fund managers are also known as traders. They’re responsible for evaluating potential stocks and/or commodities, then buying and selling them on behalf of their clients based on how they feel markets will move over time.


Insurance Agent

Being an insurance agent means handling investments for both government agencies and private companies. You’ll typically need a bachelor’s degree and will earn an average of $83,000 per year.